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Using uStream.TV to Build Your Community

Back in November of last year, Marc and I had the pleasure of hosting 2 sessions at PodcampAZ. The first dealt with how we used uStream.TV to connect with the of audience The Wood Whisperer. Of course uStream can be used all sorts of different ways, but really we looked at it as a tool to build connections with our audience. The result…both Marc and I have a much stronger sense in who is watching The Wood Whisperer as well as making some amazing friends in the process.

So for those who couldn’t attend PodcampAZ or were in another session (there were so many). I’m posting the entire session right here. Yes I know it’s an hour long, but there was a lot of great discussion going on and I didn’t want to leave anything out (not to mention I didn’t want another delay in putting the video out).

I’d also like to thank David Yamamoto from the Phoenix PC Users Group. Without him this video would not have been recorded. Thank you Dave!!!

Click to download iPod (mp4) file

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