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Creating a Podcast from the Ground Up

So after 5 months, I’m finally getting the second session out that Marc and I gave at PodcampAZ last year. In this video we discuss some of the things we discovered during the first year with our podcast, The Wood Whisperer, including start-up equipment, marketing, media kits, press releases, sponsorships, advertisers, connecting and surveying your audience. And if you can believe it, we did it all in under one hour! Of course it goes without saying that these are just our experiences. You may find that not everything we talk about applies to you, but hopefully you can walk away with at least 1 new piece of information or insight into a relatively new medium (personally I think you’ll walk away with more 🙂 And if the video wasn’t enough, you can also find our presentation on Slideshare.net

I would like to thank David Yamamoto again from the Phoenix PC Users Group. Without him this video would not have been recorded. Thank you Dave!!!

Some of the websites mentioned in the session

Skaeser Lights & Photography
Podcast Designs
Survey Monkey
Podcast Brothers
Leo Laporte

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3 thoughts on “Creating a Podcast from the Ground Up

  1. JayJaySmaker says:

    Wow. That you are willing to share with everyone all the things you learned via the Shool of Hard Knocks is really something extra-ordinary.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this.



  2. Vic says:

    Thank you for posting this very informative video.
    While I don’t plan on growing my personal site, I think it has great value to a non-profit organization I’m part of starting.
    I can’t wait to get our event planner’s response to all the information you’ve given.
    I know how hard you and Marc have worked to grow your business and you know how much I support you both, but it’s still amazing to me what you have accomplished in such a “short” period of time.

    Congratulations to you both. I hope you’re not too far away from this being the only job you have to work.


  3. Thanks for sharing. I think the best way to get better at what you do and gain traction is to share how you do what you do. Even though I don’t work with wood I’m compelled to catch an episode or two of The Wood Whisperer and share it with anyone I know that does work with wood! Great job guys.


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