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New Friends and New Podcasts

Well it’s been over a year since I’ve last posted and what a year it has been. The Wood Whisperer continues to grow and we are as busy as ever with the site. We celebrated our third year anniversary in October with the site and in just 1 month we will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of our premium membership section of our site called The Wood Whisperer Guild. In addition to getting our free content listed on some great devices like Tivo and Roku recently, we’ve also started distributing the show through a company called PegMedia and can now been seen in over 60 public access TV stations all over the US! So when I read my past post about whether we should go into to TV, I guess the answer is yes, but on our terms 🙂

So with all of this work on The Wood Whisperer, I’ve also managed to start a few of my own projects. Both are audio podcasts, involving 2 of my favorite things; movies and video games. First is The Movielicious with Patrick Beja and Mark “Turpster” Turpin. Really Patrick makes Movielicious happen since Turpster and I just have to watch movies and show up for the call 🙂 It’s not a serious review show, but we do have a lot of fun when we record. Since Patrick is in France and Turpster is in the UK, we don’t always get to see the movies that are out in the States right at the moment, but we make the best of what we can watch and make fun of each other in the process. Average run time of the show is 1 hour with 2-3 main movies reviews and 3 dvd recommendations and 1 awesome poster from photoshop queen Kichelle.

The second show is called Ladies of Leet and it’s also an audio podcast with myself, RandysMolly and GypsyGirl. The podcast is done every 2 weeks and we discuss whats happening in both consoles and pc gaming news and what games we are playing and our thoughts on those games. We also have a bargain buy section of the podcast were we discuss any great deals we find on and off the web. Average run time of the show is 1 hour and 15 min.

So if you’re interested in either topics please feel free to check out the websites and subscribe to the feed. You might even catch a live recording of The Movielicious if you subscribe to Patrick’s twitter 🙂

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