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It’s about time

1264271_63367274Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my new site. It occurred to me the other day that I am very involved in all things web, but the one thing I didn’t have was my very own website. Which is odd, considering back in ’95 I had a kick ass website (all 200kb!). It was called Nickee’s World of Sights and Sounds (unfortunately the site is no more). Funny I know, but it was the best little website out there…Tripod even gave me an award. It really was just a collection of wav files (mp3 wasn’t even around then) of movies & music I liked and pictures of places I had been. This little website was really how I found out I loved working in technology. But alias, in ’99 I started a new job and my playing and learning on the web was no more. So hear I am in 2007, I still have that job, but I’m making time to get back into what I truly love…the internet.

Now while this site is new, I’m am not new to blogs. Some of you may know me as 1/2 of the video podcast, The Wood Whisperer. I really don’t star in the show (occasionally I’ll have a small part), but I do find myself handling most of the marketing and business. Which is interesting to me, considering I received a degree in Marketing, but never put it to use after college. Now I find myself in an amazing opportunity; to share my love of this ‘new’ technology and using my business background to make a living doing something I love. So I see this site as a home to my thoughts as Marc and I take this journey with our podcast. I’d like to say it will be all good, but with anything there are highs and lows. Maybe our journey will help you in yours.

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3 thoughts on “It’s about time

  1. langley says:

    welcome to the internetters!


  2. nice little blog spot, i will be checking regularly…i haven’t blogged in a very long time, but i used to write movie reviews on Cinema Underground, which is a section of jim’s http://www.penyork.com sight. check it out if you want to read some really piss poor written reviews. one of these days i’ll be home at the same time jim is talkin’ with you guys so i can pipe in myself. promise.


  3. hey nicole, look forward to learning from you guys. thx, eri c


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