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How do I write a Press Release for my podcast

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This is a question I get from time to time and to be honest when I first started looking into writing my own press release for The Wood Whisperer, I quickly wanted to hire someone else to do it for me. So I began my search for any and all information on the subject. One of the best places I found was a site called Publicity Insider and from there a complete run down of the process and purpose of a press release. Really I look at a press release as a means to formally define what your company/service (yes your podcast is your company) can provide.

The press release can then be distributed through a number of methods including free services like I-Newswire, PR.COM , 24-7 PressRelease and PRWeb.com. Once the press release is distributed then reporters or editors can choose to use some or all of it in their own websites/newspapers/magazines. Remember you are basically writing an article for them, in order for them to use it they will need to see the value/benefit in what you are promoting (ie are you providing a service that will solve a problem or make someones life better by watching/listening to your podcast) .

Here is what my original press release for The Wood Whisperer looked like and how a couple of sites took that information and repurposed it on their own sites:
Social Computing Magazine

Now keep in mind that with the online PR sites there are 2 options, free and paid. I decided to use the free service that pr.com offers and then pay for the upgrade with prweb.com. Why? I had a nice little intro video that I wanted to couple with my press release and to get that service I had to pay. I’m sure many of you know much more than me about distribution of press releases so if you have additional advice, please add a comment below.

So what does this press release do for me? Besides the obvious of getting your company/service officially out to the general reporting public, it also can provide a go to “what your podcast is all about” statement. If I ever need to give a company or individual a rundown of what The Wood Whisperer is about, I can simply point them to my press release with video on PRweb. The information is designed to be straight and to the point and the video is entertaining as well.

So if you’re like me examples always help; so here are just a couple press releases I found from other podcasts out there. If you have one of your own, feel free to list it in the comments below. I’m always interested in seeing how other podcasts create their own press release and to be honest I don’t see very many.

MBA Working Girl Podcast
Fantoo Girls Podcast

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